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History of Re-keying
Re-keying was first invented in 1836 by Solomon Andrews, a New Jersey locksmith. His lock had adjustable tumblers and keys, allowing the owner to re-key it at any time. Later in the 1850s, inventors Andrews and Newell patented removable tumblers which could be taken apart and scrambled. The keys had bits that were interchangeable, matching varying tumbler configurations. This arrangement later became the basis for combination locks.

LockTech24/7 Locksmith can help you to re-key your locks!

A home can't be called a home if you don't feel well enough protected between its walls. Such a small thing as a lost key can make a very big difference between a well protected home and a poorly protected one, but fortunately LockTech24/7 locksmiths can change it as well.

In almost any situation where you think a lock needs to be changed a local locksmith can re-key the lock at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time it would take to select new locks and replace them. You do not need to replace the entire lock to protect your property, files, and cash.

LockTech24/7 Locksmith technicians are experts in the home or business locksmith service, and can satisfy any security-related needs you have when it comes to residential security, including when you need to re-key a lock.

If you're wondering what locks re-keying means, Re-keying is a relatively simple a process of changing the tumbler or wafer configuration of the lock so a new key will function while the old one will not. Re-keying may be done without replacement of the entire lock.

Remember - having lost a key to your home is not the end of the world, it happens to almost everyone, but it's really important to take care of this problem within a really period of time.

LockTech24/7 Locksmith understands that replacing a lock is sometimes an undesirable, expensive undertaking. Each of our locksmiths are trained in re-keying locks so that all our clients have to worry about are new keys. Re-keying a lock is a perfectly acceptable alternative to replacing one, and a much less costly endeavor. The process of changing a lock is equally as safe as replacing one entirely, and saves time and money along the way.

One way to reduce confusion and the weight of many keys on your key ring is to have all of your exterior locks re-keyed to use the same key. LockTech24/7 locksmith technician can re-key an unlimited number of locks in your home to all work with the same key.

LockTech24/7 locksmith technician can easily re-key the following locks:

* Deadbolt
* Door Knob
* Entry Lever
* Rim Lock
* Mortise Lock
* Patio Door Lock
* Garage Door Lock

And more...

Master Key System
A master key operates a set of several locks. Usually, there is nothing special about the key itself, but rather the locks into which it will fit. These master-keyed locks are designed to open with two different keys; one which is specific to each lock (the change key) and cannot operate any of the others in the set, and the master key, which opens all the locks in the set. Locks that have master keys have a second set of the mechanism used to operate them that is identical to all of the others in the set of locks. For example, master keyed pin tumbler locks will have two shear points at each pin position, one for the change key and one for the master key. A far more secure (and more expensive) system has two cylinders in each lock, one for the change key and one for the master key.

Larger organizations, with more complex "grandmaster key" systems, may have several levels of master keys, where the top level grandmaster key works in all of the locks in the system. A practical attack exists to create a working master key for an entire system given only access to a single master-keyed lock. (Source: Wikipedia)

In other words, this system has been used for years and takes a skilled professional to re-key the tumbler twice, and set the pins to match 2 keys.

LockTech24/7 Locksmith is a full service on-site commercial locksmith. Our technicians will come to you in a matter of minutes and can handle all of your commercial locksmith needs. Our master key services create a single key to operate all locks in a building while also providing individual keys that only have access to specified doors, allowing employers to maintain different levels of access for employees.

This can further be scaled up to include multiple supervisors with separate master keys that are separate from each other while a office manager carries a Grand Master key that would work all the locks of the multiple departments.

LockTech24/7 Locksmith has been serving many businesses and offices in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, to help simplify their offices by introducing the master key system.

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